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How's my driving? How can I improve with Sharpay?

Within [community profile] witchesreign, she is taken from the summer after Senior Year, with two years headcanoned in the game's world prior to play.

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Player: Caryl
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Threadjacking/threadhopping: Yep!
4th-walling: No, thank you, not for Sharpay.
Backtagging: Being from a weird timezone with an equally weird sleep schedule, I am all for backtagging.
Fighting/maiming: Sure!
Death: No, thanks.
Kissing/hugging/badtouching/etc: Go for it. Shar will probably not be impressed unless she likes them you're Tom.
Relationships: Sharpay's hard to impress but I'm open to it. She's got a boyfriend, but I'm up for unrequited stuff.
Mind reading: Sure.
Plotting: Yus!
Anything else: Ask me :)

In the world of HSM, people burst into song and dance at random. However, this is not necessarily a performance, it is just a part of life. This song could be at an emotional moment, such as a breakup, or a moment of character development, like a song about an aspect of someone's personality. A song can even be about an entire event, such as a baseball or basketball game deteriorating into song.

This urge to sing and dance can spread from Sharpay to other characters for duets and/or ensemble songs.

  • This is not a consciously applied ability; Sharpay and anyone else will just burst randomly into song (though of course characters from non-musical canons are free to react to this with surprise).
  • This only applies to songs that Sharpay actually performs in (singing or dancing); completely unrelated people cannot randomly burst into song because of this.
  • This can only affect people either physically close to Sharpay (within the same room or within a block's radius) or people she knows personally.

    Unless I suddenly become a more prolific songwriter these will probably be covers and filks.

    Are you cool with my roping your characters into filks? Are you not cool with my roping your characters into filks? Please let me know here.
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    Sharpay Evans
    SeeD ID #64213: Drama and Art and Music Appreciation instructor Covert Operations SeeD Lives in dorm B206 Born on December 17th (age 21)

    teaching schedule )

    Pre-SeeD history )

    WR app

    Fighting style: Sharpay primarily kickboxes, and if she knows she's going into a battle zone, she wears gloves to up the damage she does. However, she is also a big user of attack para-magic.
    Limit Break: Sharpay basically bursts into song and dance routines, which either give stat buffs to her party or cause status ailments such as Silence or Stop on the enemy party. This does not come out of her magic stock.

    WR-specific headcanon )

    Shar's living and working spaces have two major themes going on: Hot pink, and a star motif.

    headcanon about her dorm room, office, and car )


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