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I always knew I wanted to be an actress.

I just want to wake up every morning and be onstage.

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Name:Sharpay Evans
Birthdate:Mar 25

Character info

Character name: Sharpay Evans
Canon: High School Musical
Usual canon point: Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure stinger
Gender: Female
Age: Nineteen
Character summary: Rich girl diva turned Broadway star; possessive schemer turned schemer in the name of good. Being spoilt is a way of life to her and she vastly overestimates her own importance. Somewhat prone to dramatics.
Appearance: 5'4" white girl, probably in heels so she'll look a little taller. Somewhat flat-chested. Long blonde hair (possibly braided or with a ridiculous clip) and brown eyes. Likely wearing hot pink, sequins, and/or diamantes. May have a tiny Jack Russell terrier with her, possibly in her handbag. Played by Ashley Tisdale.
Voice: Piercing soprano 2. General American accent in English (from Albuquerque, New Mexico); also knows some random French phrases (with a hideous accent) and (headcanon) high school Spanish (with a hideous accent). Voiced by Ashley Tisdale.
Notes: May burst into fully accompanied and choreographed song without warning; can carry a tune.



Cross-medium: Yes
Fourth walling: No
Backtagging: Yes - I'm in a weird timezone and have an erratic schedule.
Threadjacking: Yes


Cross-medium: Yes
Smut: Het only, no incest or major age differences. No noncon (dubcon is fine), bathroom stuff, or body modification.
Romance: Het only, no incest or major age differences
Fighting: Yes
Injury: Yes
Mind reading: Generally yes, but please let me know.
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